Friday, July 16, 2010

Oh Well,

Oh well, I gave it the "old college try," but I guess it wasn't good enough. Seems I'm not qualified enough to answer phones, take messages, and interact with other people in the local high school. Yeah, but I'm qualified to do it every day in my regular job as domestic engineer!!! Their loss, I guess! While I am sad that I didn't get and, yes, a little angry too, maybe this is a blessing in disguise as well. Just started thinking about how am I going to get to the job because there isn't a fourth car in my driveway! The car seat is in my car, which is used by the youngest child and her son. She works at a daycare and the little boy goes with her and come the end of August, she will start student teaching and will need a reliable car. And grandpa bowls 3 days a week, so I would be infringing on his car.

So, I guess I wallow in a little self-pity for a bit, go eat some ice cream, and then maybe take a nap to make me feel a little better. The little boy is on his way to visit his other family for the weekend and won't be back until Sunday and the rest of the clan is up in NJ and are heading out to Rhode Island tomorrow, so it will be very quiet around this house once again!

Until the next time I write, Oh well!!!!!


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